About “Indian Love Song”

In this love song, a woman grapples with her relationship with two men:  Miguel overseas and Moshe in Israel.   

What if we were to look at the two boyfriends (Miguel and Moshe) as metaphors for our relationship with Israel?

  • Why do you think she came back to Israel – why is she with Moshe?
  • By saying ” either you’re with him or you’re with me…” Moshe seems to present her with a choice: you’re either with me, or you’re not. If we take Moshe as a metaphor for Israel, he could be understood to be saying: You’re either in love with Israel or not. Is this the way in which you relate to Israel?
  • The woman lists many of her daily struggles in Israel: no gas or electricity, economic downturn, desert heat. Classic Zionism often says that life in the Diaspora is dream-like and not connected to reality, while life in Israel is the real, raw Jewish existence. Is that how you experience your Jewish identity in outside of Israel? Do you find yourself, like the woman in the song, reluctantly drawn to the dirt of the “real”, or prefer the comforts of home?
  • Might Miguel be likened to the Diaspora, calling Israel? Have you ever felt that you “call Israel” to tell Her that you love it and find that your love is not returned?

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