Ehud Banai

Emerging from the famous family of Banai’s who have enriched Israeli culture for decades, Ehud Banai’s oevre covers the indie social comment of his earlier years, and the deeper Jewish cultural riches of his unique voice. His work also displays a particular sensitivity to the play between Israel, Jews, and the modern world.

Ehud Banai’s official website, in English

From his latest album, “Fragments of Night”, Banai came out with this moving ballad “A Tale of the Four”. On the surface it would seem to address youngsters’ tragic experimentation with drugs. But Banai ingeniously weaves a powerful Talmudic legend at the same time.

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“I am not from here, but not entirely foreign” Banai sums up his mixed feelings when touring Brooklyn, and in so doing presents us the perfect mirror image of an American Jew’s thoughts when wandering the streets of Jerusalem…

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Black Work – one of Banai’s early classics. Protesting the treatment of Ethiopians on their arrival to Israel he famously asks: “And who knows if Abraham was not black?”

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