Kobi Oz

Kobi Oz is a musical legend in Israel. His band Teapacks took the Israeli mainstream by storm, creating a fusion of Mizrachi and Ashkenazi music that opened up the Israeli ear to the Levant. After nearly two decades of success Teapack split up, and Kobi spent several years “soaking in the sweet marinade of Judaism”, in his words. The result is a new album and new World music acoustic band: Mizmorei Nevuchim – Psalms for the Perplexed.

The songs are a unique combination of styles and sources, where Talmud has a coffee with Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem dances with the songs of Kobi’s grandfather.

Elohay was the first single from the album, which took Israel by storm. In a deeply moving posthumous duet with his grandfather, Kobi creates his own personal “piyut” in response to that of his grandfather, exploring tolerance and love and the Jewish world.


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This is one of the upbeat, gypsy-sounding songs that generally kicks off the live performance. Is it the fate of the Jews to forever be yearning for somewhere else? For a full educational exploration, click here.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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After much study Kobi decided that “mitzvot are pilates for the personality”…


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