About “Dror Yikra”

  • How do you reconcile the violent line “Crush my enemies in anger and fury” with the subsequent line, “give peace as flowing as a river’s waters”?
    • Often when we think about peace we think about pacifism. How do you feel about Dror Yikra’s approach to peace as an alternative type of peace/freedom?
    • The author is linking violence with peace. How does this connect in your mind?
  • Does this give any additional insight into Israel’s constant search for peace while always finding itself at war?


  • What does freedom have to do with Shabbat?
  • Do you see a contradiction between the violence/peace issue discussed above, and the language associate with Shabbat in the song?
  • Does this seem in keeping with your understanding of Judaism and Jewish history?

“Let the Desert Bloom”

  • When he sings the words “Lord, let the dessert bloom like a mountain / myrtle, acacia, cypress and elm “, what desert is he referring to? Is it a specific place or a general state?

Comparing the music


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